Photo by Geneviève Lesquelin

My story

When I started photography, all I had was a film camera because at that time we had no choice. Unfortunately, life was in the way so I didn't stick to it and I moved on!

Then, years later, came the time for me to buy my first camera, a beautiful small digital camera. I could then dedicate time and budget to this revived passion which is now fully part of my life.

I am a self-taught photographer and during my permanent learning process I came back to film because it gave me access to the most beautiful cameras. As a gear addict, it is also much cheaper to invest in a beautiful film camera than in a basic digital one...

The truth is I stick to it also for the results, the process, the community. Everything makes me want to stay a film photographer. I now develop all my films by myself (B&W, colour and slides).

I shoot for myself, I shoot what I like and I will always be happy to share my knowledge and passion with anyone interested.