Janire at my place

Last month, I had the chance to work with Janire and what came out from this session was truly fantastic. When I saw the following photo for the first time, my heart went BOOM-BOOM, keeper, instant love, so happy with it!


Janire does not live in Madrid but I am really happy she managed to come for that session. Coty joined us for the make-up and she did a great job too. There are days like this when everything comes together and all goes well. Love these days!

The roll I shoot with the Mamiya 645 was the first one where I liked every single frame! So, my friends at Whattaroll published it. You can go have a look at all these frames here, and if you are into film photography, you will certainly enjoy to visit the full website, it is crazy good!

The gear I used for that shoot includes:

  •  Mamiya C3 mounted with the 80mm 2.8 loaded with Kodak TriX 400
  •  Mamiya 645 mounted with the 80mm 2.8 loaded with Ilford 3200 (the famous one)
  • Polaroid 600 loaded with Impossible Black & White, black frame (my favorite)
  • D700 mounted with the 50mm 1.4.